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This FREE CLARITY CALL is 30 minutes, one-on-one with Dr Vicky to get clarity on:

  • How to determine what your dizziness root; emotional or subconscious cause is.
  • How to reframe the root cause so it no longer is a persistent trigger.
  • How subconscious reprogramming can resolve persistent dizziness.
  • Determine if the Dizziness Subconscious Release Framework is for you.
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Your One-on-One Consult Package

4 x 60-90 minute private online consultations over 8 weeks, plus weekly video/ audio content and homework, and 8 weeks of Voxer messaging support. 

Fastest Plan to results, Average 1-2 week waitlist to start. 



If after the full 8 weeks you are not noticing any difference in any area, I will refund your payment. 

NOTE: Due to demand, Vicky has a very limited number of private one-on-one packages available at this time. 

1. Book Clarity Call

To determine your suitability for the 8-week one-on-one consultation package with Dr Vicky Stewart, please use the link below to book a Clarity call. Please allow 30 minutes for your Clarity Call.

The purpose of the Clarity Call is to determine if we are a suitable match for your needs.

2. Clarity Call

After the clarity call, if we are the right fit for you, then you will be offered to sign up for the 8-week One-on-One consult package.  

After signing up, you will be emailed a form with a series of questions relating to your dizziness. Your answers will help Vicky guide you on how to progress through the Dizziness Subconscious Release Framework.

3. Commence 8-week One-on-One Consult Program

Join Vicky in personalized virtual consultations to uncover the root causes and triggers of your persistent dizziness. Through the Dizziness Subconscious Reset Framework, you'll shift and reframe these factors using subconscious reprogramming.

Learn to integrate the new you into an improved daily life. Receive instructional videos and homework between one-on-one consults for continuous progress.


4. Voxer access

For the duration of your 8-week package, there will be many moments of new insights, questions and awareness. To help you integrate this new information and to help you answer any questions you will have 8 weeks of private Voxer (voice messaging) access with Vicky.