Transform your life with THE SHIFT - Dizziness Transformation Program!


Experience a holistic approach to overcoming chronic dizziness and reclaiming control of your life with "THE SHIFT" program.

THE SHIFT is an effective way to break free from the grip of persistent dizziness so that you can feel clear in your mind, and confident in yourself. 

Developed and run by Dr. Vicky Stewart who brings over 14 years of experience as a vestibular physiotherapist, this 8-week transformational journey is designed for people with persistent dizziness who have already tried conventional therapy without complete success.


THE SHIFT is an exciting, effective way to break free from the constraints of persistent dizziness...and when you break the cycle, you will have the freedom to focus on enjoying life to the fullest again. 

What you're getting inside THE SHIFT:


THE SHIFT is the only program of its kind that is based on evidence +  holistic approach addressing mind-body connection.

Regular access to Dr Vicky, who has unparallelled experience in vestibular conditions.

Daily support and guidance via private group for a more integrated approach to your transformation.

Comprehensive 8-week program with interactive modules designed to address the root causes of persistent dizziness and transform symptoms for a long-term relief.

Weekly video and audio lessons from Dr. Vicky Stewart, providing essential insights and strategies.

90-minute Weekly Coaching calls with Dr. Vicky Stewart for personalized Q&A sessions.

Access to exclusive resources and mentoring calls with past clients for additional support.

Flexible learning with module content delivered weekly, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

THE SHIFT focuses on symptom relief without triggering symptoms, ensuring a safe and effective transformational journey.

We start on the 20th of May, 2024

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Concerned you won’t get value for your money?

I get it, you have already invested heavily financially in your dizziness journey and whilst you may have made some improvements, dizziness still drives the show!

In THE SHIFT, you get access to an expert for 8 weeks non-stop to hold your hand through the transformation journey. Check out the testimonials below about the changes they had in their lives – that speaks to the value for your money. I also understand that 1 payment may not be appropriate for you at this time, that is why I offer a part-payment plan as an option.

I’ve already tried vestibular physiotherapy/ physical therapy, why would this be any different?

I can assure you that in THE SHIFT, you will not be doing any physical exercises such as vestibular 'head shaking’ exercises (although I am not taking away of the effectiveness of these exercises for some people in certain instances). The ‘exercises’ I recommend in THE SHIFT, are not balance or physical rehab type exercises. I am confident that you will not have completed ‘the work’ of THE SHIFT before. I can be sure of this as I put this program together and it is not available elsewhere. In THE SHIFT, I am not acting as a physiotherapists and the services you will receive are NOT physiotherapy. 


Worried it will stir up your symptoms or that you won’t get any result at all?

I’ve got you and I understand both concerns. You have probably tried loads of vestibular exercises that are designed to bring on your symptoms as a form of habituation so no wonder you are concerned the work, we do in THE SHIFT will stir up your symptoms as well. Whilst habituation training can be effective for some in certain instances, it is not what THE SHIFT is about. The goal of THE SHIFT is to calm symptoms, not to trigger them. 

It is also completely understandable if you are concerned about not getting results based on your experience with trying other therapies. Everyone in previous rounds of THE SHIFT have had positive outcomes and shifts towards transformation. That is why I offer a 100% money back guarantee. 


I don’t have the time to complete an online program. 

The program's flexible format accommodates busy schedules, allowing participants to integrate daily activities seamlessly. 

THE SHIFT is set up in short, manageable videos and audios for the module content. They can be completed at a time that suits you and at a speed that suits you. If you have 10-15minutes/ day 4 days/ week then that would be great. 

If you are unable to make the live Q&A coaching calls, you will receive a replay recording to watch at a time that suits you. If you have questions, you can type them into the online community chat group at any time. 


I have already tried meditations and psychology and therefore I feel I have already tried this?

Whilst meditation is encouraged, there is a difference between meditation and guided meditations specific for resolving dizziness. Psychologists can assist with the process of resolving from chronic dizziness and can be very important in someone’s journey. The limitations with many pscyhologists is their lack of understanding about vestibular disorders. 


I wish I had found this program 2 years ago when this first hit me. What THE SHIFT teaches you is the foundation for everything else. Everything has shifted to the point where I don’t get those symptom flare ups anymore, It's really impacted all the relationships around me.


 After 8 weeks of THE SHIFT I have changed the most out of this whole two-and-a-half-year process. Vicky just kept instilling positive vibes and confidence and just kept me going and I’m so grateful that I did. What I gained from those wins has been phenomenal, and I’ve changed so much as a person. 


I have had the most fantastic outcome from the SHIFT . The information as presented to me was absolutely perfect.  Your presentation was authentic and very personable. I’m astounded by your inclusiveness for me as an older woman. My outcomes have been because of your encouragement. Thank you so much.


I couldn’t drive, I had to quit my job, I couldn’t stand up long enough to cook a meal. I had a phobia of leaving the house and no-one knew how to help me. After THE SHIFT, it's pretty much back to normal, I’m living back at my house, driving every day, I’m got my life back.


How much does transforming your life cost?

THE SHIFT offers 8 weeks of comprehensive support to guide you through your transformation journey:


Modules delivered weekly, comprising video and audio content, supplemented by a library of resources to facilitate your transformation. 

Q&A sessions with Vicky held weekly live and recorded, providing personalized guidance and support.

Private Facebook community group - Unlimited access to Vicky for questions and answers.

Mentoring Calls with past clients

Library with resources

We understand that you may have already invested significant investments on short appointments with specialists and therapists. THE SHIFT aims to provide a more comprehensive and effective solution to help you achieve lasting relief from chronic dizziness.

Enroll in THE SHIFT today with four installments of $240 or save with a single payment of $897. Plus, our 100% money-back guarantee ensures your satisfaction. 

4 installments of $240


✔️Modules - Content

✔️Weekly Q&A Coaching calls

✔️Private Facebook Group

✔️Mentoring Group Calls with past clients

✔️Library with resources

✖️2x One-on-One sessions with Vicky

✖️8-weeks of personal messaging support via Voxer


1 installment of $897


✔️Modules - Content

✔️Weekly Q&A Coaching calls

✔️Private Facebook Group

✔️Mentoring Group Calls with past clients

✔️Library with resources

✖️2x One-on-One sessions with Vicky

✖️8-weeks of personal messaging support via Voxer


1 installment of $1497


✔️Modules - Content

✔️Weekly Q&A Coaching calls

✔️Private Facebook Group

✔️Mentoring Group Calls with past clients

✔️Library with resources

✔️2x One-on-One sessions with Vicky

✔️8-weeks of personal messaging support via Voxer


Your investment is fully backed by my 100% money-back guarantee

I am personally committed to providing extraordinary training that makes a positive impact for my clients.  

If during the program you decide that it’s not a right fit for you, email our admin support at [email protected] to request your complete refund. All I ask is that you show me that you have done the work along the way.

Bonus #1


✅ Masterclass recording with Jen Stillion to learn how to do EFT yourself. EFT, or Emotional Freedom Tapping, is a powerful technique that combines acupressure and modern psychology to release emotional blockages, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being. In this bonus masterclass, you'll gain valuable insights into the principles and practices of EFT, empowering you to harness its transformative potential in your journey towards freedom from chronic dizziness.

✅ Value of $97

Bonus #2

Independent Naturopath guide for Dizziness

✅ Gain exclusive access to a masterclass recording with Talita Sheedy from Lahllita Natural Medicine. In this comprehensive session, Talita will share invaluable insights into natural remedies and holistic approaches that can support your journey to overcome persistent dizziness. Discover the potential benefits of herbal supplements, vitamins, and dietary changes, and learn how these naturopathic strategies can complement your overall wellness plan.

✅ Value of $97

Meet Dr. Vicky Stewart

With over 14 years of experience as a vestibular physiotherapist, Vicky brings invaluable insight and understanding to your journey with persistent dizziness. It's essential to note that while Vicky's expertise stems from physiotherapy, THE SHIFT program is not physiotherapy-based.

Throughout her career, Vicky has provided care to thousands of individuals with dizziness and vertigo across various healthcare settings. From the Emergency Department to Acute hospital wards, Rehabilitation units, and outpatient clinics, Vicky has encountered diverse cases and challenges. She has also collaborated closely with specialists from neurology and otolaryngology departments, as well as vestibular audiologists.

In addition to her extensive clinical experience, Vicky holds a PhD in Vestibular Management within hospital settings, further solidifying her expertise in the field. Today, she leverages this wealth of knowledge to transform the lives of individuals struggling with persistent dizziness through THE SHIFT program.

Vicky transforms the lives of people struggling with persistent dizziness.


Join us as we start on THE SHIFT journey starting May 20th! Secure your spot now, as registrations will close on Thursday, May 16th.

Please note, as demand increases and spaces remain limited, the price of THE SHIFT program is likely to increase for future enrollments. This is your opportunity to invest in yourself at the current rate, making it the most valuable offering you'll find.

Wondering why we close enrolments? It's simple - we're dedicated to providing the utmost attention and support to our members. By limiting enrolments, we ensure that our focus remains on guiding and empowering our participants throughout the program.


Still uncertain if THE SHIFT is the right fit for you? Schedule a FREE clarity call with Vicky. Discuss your concerns and goals to determine if THE SHIFT aligns with your needs and aspirations.

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